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Frequently Asked Questions
If you should have any additional questions, please feel free to
email me
Q - Is OCMC a 501c3 so people can get a tax deduction for their contributions?
A - YES!! It is. Laura Dulac can provide the tax id number and/or a receipt to anyone who would like it.

Q - What is the difference between a group leader and a team leader?  
A - A group leader is in charge of finding 10 team leaders. Each team leader is responsible for getting a group of 10 kids. The group leader is responsible for communicating with the team leader and the team leaders are responsible for checking in and communicating with their kids.  

Q - What do I do if I am interested in being a group leader or want my child to participate?
A-  Please email ourcmc@aol.com.

Q - Do the teams work as a group or are the kids working individually? 
A - The teams of 10 are for organizational purposes only. If the team leader wants to organize team events like yard sales, car washes etc. that is great! However, it is not a requirement and kids can choose to raise their money individually.

Q - What if I cannot attend one of the opening or closing ceremonies?
A - The opening meeting is very exciting because it gives the kids a chance to listen to and vote on charities. The closing is also an exciting event. We realize not everybody can attend, so your team leaders will fill you in on anything you miss in those meetings.

Q - What if my child does not reach $100 by the deadline of her event?  
A - We tell the children to strive for $100, but to be proud of any amount that they are able to raise.

Q - If my child raises more than the $100, should we give it to a charity of our own?
A - No. We appreciate the kids who raise more than $100 because it balances those who do not meet their goal, and they allow us to give more to our charities.

Q - I have an idea for a group event but my team is busy. Is it okay that I get kids from other teams involved?  
A - Yes! Teams are for organizational purposes only. You can work with any OCMC kid!

Q - How can our children get ideas for how to raise their money?  
A - We take time during the initial meeting to brainstorm ideas and then share them with the group.

Q - As a parent, should I help my child or leave it up to them and hope they do the work needed?  
A - Depending on the age – Parents play a vital role in supporting and encouraging their child’s ideas. We hope that OCMC brings the whole family together in realizing the joy of giving back.